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    About Us

    Family Owned since 1968, CWMF is operated by siblings, Carmie and Travis Mick, 2nd generation owners with a history of expansion and a future of growth.   Since their ownership, there have been four expansions and two additional land purchases totaling 21 acres and over 50,000 sq feet of facility.  The Micks have built their reputation on Integrity, Trust, and Quality and believe in building long-term relationships with each customer. CWMF offers portable and stationary asphalt plants and components, focusing on providing the customer with the best experience when working with a manufacturer.    We provide professional plant equipment design services and one-on-one communication for every customer.  Whether you are replacing a single piece of equipment or collaborating on a new plant, you will receive the Best Customer Service and Customized approach when buying from CWMF.

    CWMF Products

    ·         Asphalt drums

    ·         Dust-Eater® Baghouses – Pulse Jet and Reverse Flow

    ·         Silos

    ·         Drag slats and transfer conveyors

    ·         Portable Self-erecting Silo/Slat systems

    ·         AC Tanks, Meter & Unloading pumps

    ·         Cold Feed and Recycle bin systems

    ·         Dust Control Solutions

    ·         Belt Conveyors

    ·         Honey Badger RAP Crushers

    ·         Tremor Shaker™ Scalping screens

    ·         Component parts

    Recent Developments

    CWMF launched the Honey Badger Rap Crusher in 2019.   This small, compact crusher is an in-line sizer of direct millings and or rejected screen millings.  The Honey Badger was designed to handle oversized RAP products in real-time to avoid stockpiling RAP, which can take on increased moisture.  Increased moisture decreases production rates and increases burner fuel consumption.    Another great benefit of incorporating a Honey Badger in your RAP processing is you will significantly reduce Crushing and Handling Costs.   Customer testimonials state the operating costs of the Honey Badger range from $.25/ton to $.50/ton!  It will also reduce the loader traffic to the RAP pile by up to 30%, potentially reducing the need to a single loader operator for the entire operation.

    In 2020, CWMF developed its Reverse Flow baghouse. The unique system design provides a constant process of airflow without the need for a compressor or pulse valves.  Fewer moving parts mean less maintenance and an increased return on your investment.  With three sizes to choose from, including stationary and portable, the Dust-Eater® Reverse-Flow baghouse boasts a smaller footprint and longer bag life, making it a must-have for your plant .In 2021, CWMF received their Patent on the Innovative Batcher design for their silos.  This batcher allows you to service your gates without removing the batcher, which increases the safety of this maintenance process and decreases the costly downtime. 

    Tried and True

    CWMF hits a home run with their Drum Retrofit Solutions.   The customer maximizes the ROI on their existing plant by replacing components, such as their drum with a CWMF retrofit vs. buying used or a completely new plant.   Our sales team evaluates what components truly need replacing and then retrofit the plant with a new drum equipped with a CWMF WedgeLok™ tire suspension system, CWMF Flighting and if needed, new trunnions with railcar type bearings. However, if your goal is to increase production and a retrofit will not solve that, CWMF goes to work in fitting a new drum into your plant.  Our design team works with the customer to address all concerns, and before it is put into production, the customer can see it laid out at their facility in 3D design.   The Dust-Eater® baghouse is another time-tested product from CWMF.  Our first baghouse was built in 1988 and still in operation today.   Our smooth internal surface, sidewall louvers, and the industry’s largest knockout box reduce airspeed, eliminating turbulence and war.  This all results in prolonged bag and component life.   Our innovative pulse-valve manifold design eliminates problematic hoses and potential airflow leaks.  All components are readily available, and valves can be purchased as complete units or individual components.  The CWMF Tremor Shaker™ is a tough-built, economical scalping screen for many applications.  We offer single and double decks ranging from 3’x6’ to 5’x12’ sizes and multiple options to fit any application.






    ·         Side or End chute

    ·         Support stand

    ·         Deck Selector

    ·         Reject Chute

    ·         Magnetic separator

    The Tremor Shaker™ is also incorporated into our Portable and Stationary Honey Badger Rap Crusher systems.  These systems offer the customer a single unit solution to incorporating RAP into their mix. 

    Check out the CWMF Website for more product offerings and information.  Currently, CWMF proudly serves the United States market.  

    Product Information

    The Revolution plant is available in stationary, relocatable, and skid-mounted configurations. The Revolution drum is a unitized, counter-flow design that is capable of RAP amounts of up to 50%. From bins to silos, we aim to increase your bottom line with our high-efficiency product line and service.
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