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About Us

Surface Tech is committed to developing the most advanced additives for asphalt, not only adding strength and durability, but improving the sustainability of roads and other surfaces for a positive environmental impact.

ACE XP Polymer Fiber (ACE XP) is engineered to provide extra performance in asphalt increasing service life, saving costs, adding strength to asphalt pavement in all directions.

To create ACE XP Polymer Fiber (ACE XP), Surface Tech blends aramid fibers and Sasobit wax to address the 2 major distresses affecting asphalt performance today; cracking and rutting. Doing so also dramatically improves the treated roads’ life expectancy. When ACE XP is mixed into asphalt, it disperses over 19 million Aramid fibers throughout each ton of mix to provide 3-dimensional reinforcement that increases the asphalt’s resistance to reflective cracking, rutting, fatigue and increased life expectancy. And best of all, no specialty contractors are needed for installation. Contractors handle ACE XP reinforced asphalt the same way they handle standard asphalt. This underscores ACE XP’s technology in being easy to adopt. More at

Surface Tech is an innovation company providing solutions for the construction and building materials industry. Surface Tech has a rich history of successfully introducing highly-technical products into the Asphalt, Concrete and Specialty Product industries. Furthermore, we understand the evolution of construction projects and develop holistic solutions to address the acute needs of owners, engineers and contractors though the development of relevant product and service offerings such as ACE XP® for the Asphalt Industry, JUNO XP® for the Concrete Industry and our TRKR e-platform solution for both.

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